New Releases

Dear Anna by Katie Blanchard

Available July 16, 2019

Dear Anna blew my mind! It’s my first book by Katie Blanchard and she did not disappoint! I would have to say this is my favorite Psychological thriller of 2019! Bravo Katie I want more!!! ~ Hi’D’s Book Hub

Marriage can be bitter; revenge is deadly. 

The poverty-stricken past of Medeia is stained with blood that’s no hers, but it was the price paid for John to bring her into his wealthy life.

His rules made her who she is today─ the perfect wife.

Only John is not the perfect husband.

He has Anna.

With vows broken and a prenup staring her in the face, Medeia refuses to go back to the shack of her childhood nightmares. Even if it means more bloodshed.

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