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I had the most amazing time with my book tribe! It’s been almost 3 yrs since I’ve been to a signing this big and massive and it was EPIC!

I have to say I was a little out of shape and tired out pretty quickly… (Shocking I know for a seasoned pro like myself) Next year I will need to be better prepared!! 😂

Day One

Soaking it all in!! I’m in my happy place!
My entire reason for attending BB is because of this amazing author Devney Perry! I would like to think we are besties now 😉😂
The QUEEN 🙌🏼
She is so sweet!
EL James is amazing!! Such a humble lady! I have a great “elevator” story for you!

Best Book Bonanza Moment –

I just casually introduced my hubby to E L James in the elevator. 💜 Then on the way to the car I’m like…

Me – “Do you know who that was?”
His reply – “Not really”
My reply – “Thats was the author who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey!!”
His reply – “Holy shit!”

I was fan girling hard over Anna Todd! She even said she remembered me from BB19 🙌🏼
Another bucket list Author! Julie Murphy was so cool! Love her!
AL Jackson is one of the reasons I feel back in love with reading!! 💜
Dylan Allen is one awesome lady! She even named a book character after me! WHAT!?!

Kristen Proby is as nice as they come!

What a sweetheart!! I’m new to Rachel VanDyken and love her books!
Finally met Aly Martinez in person! Favorite book is From the Embers!! So good!
I love finding new authors. T.K. Leigh!
The beautiful KA Linde! Picked up the first two books in Wrights Series The Wright Brother and The Wright Boss!! The main character is named Heidi! 🙌🏼
Love me some Bonita! She is the owner and creator of Book Beau!! If you don’t own a Book Beau you are missing out!! It is the best and OG book sleeve!!

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